Casa Aloha

20/ January
21/ January
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What’s In It?

  • Five bedrooms
  • Three single bathrooms
  • 2 spacious balconies
  • Living room
  • Private swimming pool
  • Garden

What’s Casa Aloha Like?


Casa Aloha is the dream accommodation for any family on vacation in Nosara, the kind that provides you and your family members with the homely feel and ambience you would quickly warm up to. It is big enough to accommodate a family of 4 – 6 members.

Everything at the property is set up to make your experience in Nosara worth remembering, thanks to the amazing facilities available. The bedrooms, all five of them, are big enough for blissful nights of sleep and three full bathrooms where cool showers can be had at any time of the day. The two spacious balconies overlook the garden allow you to take in the morning/evening air while enjoying your coffee.

The entire family can always gather round in the living room and enjoy a good time if you decide to stay indoors. Otherwise, the family can always have a refreshing time inside the private pool present in the compound.

Take your fun to a whole new level with a game of basketball in the basketball court, sweating the stress all out. Afterwards, the evening can even get more interesting and bonding by enjoying sticks of barbeque in the lush garden with your family.

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