Aloha Surf Nosara offers

 surfing boards to be rented on a short-term or a long-term basis. In a short-term rental, the surfer is allowed to use the surfing board for one day, and in a long-term rental, he can surf the surfing board for one week. The rental prices for each category depending on the type of surfboards selected by our guest. Few guests ended up bringing their own surfboards, and it tends to get damaged, and we eliminate the probability of damaging your belonging by offering you our surfboards on rent.

Aloha Surf Nosara offers a wide range of surfboards to rent. If you want to refrain from dragging your personal surfboard from your home country and paying additional charges for it—we offer you to rent our surfboards at a nominal rate. We have a full line of ocean rental equipment available seven days a week.

When you rent a surfboard from Aloha Surf Retreat , it will stay with you throughout your trip to Costa Rica.

We offer the following rental costs for our surfboards.



We highly encourage you to reserve

Your surfboards in advance

to guarantee their availability on your arrival. We deal with our clients on a “first come, first serve basis.” We offer the following surfboards for rent!


Aloha Surf Nosara offers the best and reliable surfboards rental that enables you to relish the tides and waves of the Costa Rican beach and to connect you with the series of adventures that life has to offer to you. You can rent our surfboards at a nominal rate for a whole day or a whole week.


Stand Up Paddle Boards

Aloha Surf Nosara offers their rental services with specific verbal instructions, and they cater to various levels of skills that range from beginner to expert. We also offer private and collective group lessons for the starters.



We also offer rental bodyboards to our guests at a nominal and affordable rate.