Surf Lessons

At Aloha Surf Nosara, we offer you our private surfing lessons at a nominal rate. We guarantee you that our surfing lessons will make your stay in Costa Rica memorable and unforgettable for a lifetime.

Private 1 on 1 lesson:  70$

Double or couple:

Group of 3 max:

one on one instruction


Our private lessons are exclusive, selective, and undifferentiated for the individuals who want to seek private and one-on-one surfing lessons without the involvement of an external party. Our private and one-on-one lessons are ideal for non-swimmer adults or children. Our surfing instructors teach you to stand up on your surfing board and control your body motions & movements while surfing. We focus on garnering favorable outcomes through our teaching methods, and we aim to teach our guests the art of surfing to make their time in Costa Rica enjoyable and memorable. The expert and trained surfing instructors can provide you with private surfing lessons.


Double or couple  

We offer semi-private surfing lessons to couples. You will be assigned an instructor who would concentrate on concentrate on shaping up the surfing skills of a pair or a couple. Our surfing instructor will focus on teaching you on how to handle a surfboard while surfing, and how to succumb your body movements to the tides and waves of the sea.  We charge $50 for teaching a couple or a pair how to surf effectively.


Group of 3 max         

At Aloha Surf Retreat, we cater to a group of three members at a time. Our surfing experts supervise a group of three members and instruct them on how to become familiar with the tactics and skills involved in surfing. Our instructors pay adequate attention to each member to make sure that they learn to surf swiftly and efficiently. Aloha Surf Nosara attends of a group of three members for $40.